Heart Healthy Tips on How to Deal with Stress

Who wouldn’t want a healthier heart? While some of the best ways of taking care of your heart’s health is by eating nutritious foods and following a regular cardiovascular routine, let us not overlook the fact that it’s equally important that we learn some heart healthy tips to cope and manage stress. If your methods of coping with stressful situations are not contributing to your greater physical and emotional health, now is the time to look for healthier ones.

There are many useful heart healthy tips on how you can cope with and manage stress, but all of them would require change – it’s either you change the situation or your reaction to the external factors surrounding you. When you are deciding on the best option to choose, it would be a great help to think of this simple formula that I call the 4 As – alter, avoid, accept or adapt.

Here are some useful pointers for effective stress management:

If you can’t change what stresses you, learn how to change yourself. You can regain your control and adapt successfully to stressful situations by learning how to modify your attitude and expectations.

“5 Tricks to Prevent Late Night Snacking

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has adviced on How to Eat Healthier, snacks, weigh loss tips.
1.Eat enough earlier in the day. Don’t let your body clock get
confused and shift to eating too much later in the evening.
Focus on eating more at lunch and breakfast. Making lunch your
“biggest” meal can help some. This helps to make sure that
in the evening you are not feeling excess hunger, and can prevent overeating.

2.Eat a balanced dinner. Follow the rule of half a plate of
vegetables, one quarter a protein source, and the other quarter
a healthy carbohydrate source. By doing this, you will feel more satisfied.

3.Allow yourself one post-dinner snack. The trick is to eat
this snack or dessert right at the end of dinner. This acts as
a signal to the brain that you are finished with your food intake.
Move on with the night, and focus on other tasks or relaxation that does not involve food.

4.Choose a new nighttime routine. If you would normally
grab a snack at a certain hour, replace it with a new habit
or behavior that does not involve food. Start a new hobby,
craft, or relaxation technique. Try doing things with your
hands like knitting, journaling, or a puzzle. Anything goes!
5.Brush your teeth. As simple as it sounds, this can be one of the best techniques.
When you are finished with dinner, brush your teeth about an hour after to prevent you
from snacking on more food. Who wants to brush their teeth again?”

    1. Look at the big picture and get the top view of things – it would also be helpful if you look at the situation in an objective manner. Just how important is the stressful situation to you in the long run? Will it matter in a couple of months or in a year from now? Is the situation really worth getting upset or anxious over? If your answer to these questions are no, then it’s best to focus your energy and time elsewhere.
    1. Focus on the positive – once you feel that stress is getting you down, pause and take a moment to reflect on the things that you appreciate in your life, and this includes your own gifts and positive qualities. This technique can help you put things in proper perspective.
    2. Reframe issues and problems – try to look at problems and stressful scenarios from a more positive angle. Instead of getting all fired up about a traffic jam, think of it as an opportunity to regroup and pause. You can now enjoy some alone time or listen to your favorite tunes.
    3. Modify your standards – one of the major source of avoidable stress is perfectionism. Don’t demand perfection and you will avoid setting yourself up for failure. It’s essential that you set
      reasonable standards for yourself and other people, and learn to be satisfied with “good enough.”
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Heart Healthy Foods

Heart Healthy foods are important nowadays especially that people are more concerned on their health. It’s no wonder why people often resort to fruits, known to be rich in nutrients, as a huge factor in dieting and would often prefer natural food as opposed to processed ones. And perhaps this is the very reason why chocolates are also regarded as food for the heart, but take note not all are, because these foods generally help our nervous system from function properly. Let me bring you to the world of Heart healthy foods.

The Heart is a very important part of our body since it is the primary organ responsible for our nervous system. Our nervous system is responsible for distributing blood through our body and the heart is the very reason why the nervous system is able to circulate well in our body because of the pumping of blood. In case you are wondering what foods, which are rich in nutrients, best give our heart a healthy nervous system, here are some.


Like an old adage would say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Studies have shown that an intake of fruits everyday would reduce the risk of having cardiovascular related diseases when we grow old. Fruits have natural fiber, nutrients and vitamins, which are needed by our body especially by our heart. Hence, fruits come on top of the list of heart healthy foods.

Natural Food

You may think that Fruits are immediately Natural food but think again. Natural food are those, which you can readily consume without them having to undergo processing. Hence, cardiologists suggest that we only take natural food or unprocessed food as much as possible. Processed food have chemicals, which although preserve the food but may not preserve our life. These chemicals may also have an adverse effect by diminishing the natural vitamins and nutrients that the food can offer. Perhaps this is the very reason why Natural foods are more recommended.
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